Legal Reputation Management

We help you monitor your online reputation and provide you the tools to legally manage your reputation. We don't charge you huge fees and use illegal practices to fix these issues. We are more like a "Credit Monitoring" Service, not a "Credit Repair" company.

Only email you when needed

We know you are busy and managing online reviews isn't how you make your living. We will only email you when something requires your attention, otherwise we silently watch over your reputation.
However, you can always login to our website and get a lot more information than you get in the email.

Keep an eye on your competition

You don't just have to watch your online reputation, you can also keep tabs on your competition. It is always a good thing to know how you stand in relation to your competition. Their loss may be your gain (or the other way around)

What can Reputer do for you?

We will monitor Google (and other popular search engines) and influential reviews sites.

Send you alerts through emails

Just like a credit monitoring service, we will email you if something substantial changes. If nothing changes, we don't bother you. We also let you choose the frequency or detail of information you receive in your email. If you like more, you got it or if you like less emails - you got that too


Filter out the results, summarize and present them in easy to understand language - no arcane data that requires a data-scientist to decipher

Manage reputation legally

The best and proven approach to improving your online reputation is by getting honest reviews from your clients and patients. We provide you with a website that you can link to and ask your patients or clients to visit and write a review for you at any of the popular review sites

Wealth of information

If you like more information, we can show you a lot of information on our website, all with pretty charts and graphs

Influential sources that we cover

We constantly review the websites that carry the most influence online and add them to our list
  • Yelp
  • Google
  • Bing Microsoft
  • Yahoo Search
  • ZocDoc
  • 1800Dentist
  • Google +

How much does it cost?

Peace of mind for the whole month, for the price of couple of cups of coffee.

Take advantage of the Free 14 day trial to test our service and see how it saves you time and money

You can cancel or upgrade your plan any time you like.
No long-term contracts or penalties (even if you sign up for the annual discount).

  • Group
  • Two or more professionals
  • $4.99/month/per entity *
  • $49/year/per entity *
  • Sign Up
  • Large Group
  • 20+ professionals
  • $3.99/month/per entity *
  • $39/year/per entity *
  • Sign Up

* An entity could be a person or a business. e.g. Dr John Smith is an entity and so is Main Street Primary Care LLC

Not sure what plan you need?

Some of the examples below should give you an idea of what plan you need to buy.

Dr. Amanda Wilson

A solo family practitioner who practices as Amanda Wilson MD PC (namesake company). Dr. Wilson needs the Solo plan because her person and business have the same name.
Total cost $59/year

Smith and Johnson LLP

David Smith and Steve Johnson practice law as the firm Smith and Johnson LLP. They will need the Group plan for 3 entities: David Smith, Steve Johnson and "Smith and Johnson LLP" (the business itself has a reputation to uphold).
Total cost $147/year

Upper Valley Medical Center

Upper Valley is a medium sized health center that employs 15 doctors and 5 healthcare professionals (NPs, PAs etc) and has 2 locations. Upper Valley would need the Large Group plan for 22 entities.
Total cost $858/year

There is absolutely NO risk in signing up for the 100% FREE Trial - what do you have to lose?