Ratings on ZocDoc dont reflect the real world … or do they?

Here is an analysis of roughly 1000 reviews on ZocDoc for some good review and mostly bad reviews (we really wanted to get some bad reviews) and the the distribution of these ratings is shown below.

An incredible skew towards a 5 out of 5 star rating even with the ones with really bad reviews – wow all doctors must be really good !

We will leave the judgement up to you – feel free to analyze and comment.

  • James

    I dont think it reflects the real world.
    I would love to see a comparison with other review sites’ distribution.
    – J

    • reputerco

      Thanks James for that question, we ran some numbers and the results are at this post.
      Let us know if that helps

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  • http://blog.zocdoc.com/the-zocdoc-doctor-rating-policy/ Ashley W

    Have you looked at their Rating policy at http://blog.zocdoc.com/the-zocdoc-doctor-rating-policy ?

    • Dr Smith

      This is insane

  • Kevin Smalls

    This is a very interesting data set. How come the media hasn’t publicized it?
    Assume the big money is drowning honest data.
    I would go to Forbes or the Times for this