Ratings on ZocDoc dont reflect the real world … or do they?

Here is an analysis of roughly 1000 reviews on ZocDoc for some good review and mostly bad reviews (we really wanted to get some bad reviews) and the the distribution of these ratings is shown below.

An incredible skew towards a 5 out of 5 star rating even with the ones with really bad reviews – wow all doctors must be really good !

We will leave the judgement up to you – feel free to analyze and comment.

Google results with Ratings

Google has started to show the ratings from various review and rating sites right in their own search results. These ratings are shown as “stars” shown below

These stars have a huge psychological impact on the perception potential patients have in choosing a new doctor.

Here is an example of another star rating

Would you visit Doctor #1 or Doctor #2 based on what you see quickly on one page?

Here are some of the top websites that provide reviews or ratings that are shown directly in Google results

Popularity on Google’s first page

Here is some insight on which websites show up when you search for the names of a random number of doctors in the US in Google

The Top 10