Doctor’s opinion of review and rating websites

idea_128x128If you are privy to the discussions doctors have about topics that affect their profession and medicine, there are a few things that they agree on. Some of them are listed below in no particular order:

  1. They don’t like the Affordable Care Act (ACA or PPACA or Obamacare) and the intrusion of government into medicine in general
  2. They don’t like Hospital administrators
  3. They don’t like Nurse Practitioners and Physician assistants masquerading as “doctors”
  4. They don’t like being called “Providers”
  5. They don’t like Insurance companies and Medicare or Medicaid
  6. They don’t like Maintenance of certification scams perpetuated by the various boards “certifying” them.
  7. And they don’t like “Online Review websites” (yelp, healthgrades, ratemds and more listed here)

You would wonder what do they like. That list is very small but important.

They like to take care of their patients and they would love to spend more time with them and less on mundane government regulated paperwork.

If you are a patient, that is great news, but the sad part is that most patients do not go online to write a review for the doctor that saved their life or healed them.

All the doctors focus are on bad reviews despite good deal of evidence at Reputer and elsewhere that most reviews are positive.

So what is a good doctor supposed to do. There are a few categories of physicians and how they tackle online reviews

  1. The “Ostrich approach” – they bury their heads in the sand and ignore the problem or missed opportunity (depends on how you look at it – glass half full or half empty)
  2. The “I hate review sites” doctors – most of them have heard from others how these sites are all bad, they probably haven’t gone online and even “googled” their name, but have an opinion alright.
  3. The “business savvy physician” – they actively monitor and encourage online reviews – some have hundreds of reviews online and based on our monitoring services some get multiple reviews every week

What category do you fit in and is there any other category – write away in the comments.