Difference between Online Reputation Management and Online Reputation Monitoring

They are the same – right? – Read on to find the difference

Online reputation I am sure you have heard ads on TV or the Radio about “Credit Repair” outfits – “Eliminate your Debt”, “Consolidate your payments to a low monthly amount”. We have all heard these “Too good to be true” pitches.

As someone wiser than me said – If it is too good to be true, it probably is.

We all know this and yet we still cling to hope – what if it really is too good and what if it is true.

What does “Credit Repair” have to do with “Online Reputation Management” – they sound and promise something similar and they use similar and questionable techniques to achieve their promised goals.

Holding hostages and Extortion

Their promises come with a dark side.  If you decide to take this leap to the dark side, beware that you could be held hostage to your own desire to look better online like so many cases out there. A recent example is about a Texas man who extorted money out of his former clients who had hired him to “fix” their online reputation.

If they can fix it, they sure can ruin it too. But for a small fee, they can make it all go away – we have heard that one before.

Don’t land in trouble with the law by employing such techniques or worse, pay people who use such illegal methods to “manage your online reputation”. Such companies do charge thousands of dollars to “fix” your online reputation – promising to drive down bad reviews, get you better (and fake) reviews generated by some poor slobs overseas.

Don’t fall for all this – stay on the right side of the law.

If you don’t believe this happens, Google for “reputation management scam” and find out for yourself. Or even go to ripoffreport for some more information.

Online Reputation Monitoring is like a Credit Monitoring service

I am sure you must have heard of Credit Monitoring services from the various credit bureaus like Equifax, Transunion etc or service providers like LifeLock.

These services (for a monthly fee) keep monitoring your credit file and alert you when someone or some company makes inquiries on your credit or tries to apply for a credit card or loan using your social security number. Most people agree that it is worth a few dollars a month to keep track of this service and there are no scams, no lofty promises, just a simple way to alert you of any changes that may be bad for your credit history and score.

These service are a simple insurance – that’s all. They buy you some piece of mind that your business is not impacted financially and that you are not losing customers as more people go online before they walk in to a business.

Online Reputation Monitoring works exactly the same way – we make no promises that we will fix your online reputation or online presence. We just monitor your online presence and alert you of any changes to your “online score” (just like a credit score) or “online profile” (just like your credit history).

So how do I fix my online profile and reputation?

We will talk about legal ways of improving your online profile in the next post at reputer.co

photo by: krossbow